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New Double Action Launchers are available in 37mm and 40mm versions (40mm shown here). In the center is our latest introduction, a Hand Held Launcher with a Forward Grip for extra control and stability.

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Custom Holster for our Hand-Held Double Action Launcher, designed for use on the thigh left or right, and also on a sling that fits in front of the officer’s vest.

Lamperd Less Lethal introduced new Double Action versions of its proven 37mm and 40mm Hand-Held Less Lethal Launchers. These models are being immediately added to the Lamperd product line which also still includes our 37mm and 40mm Double Action Rifle Less Lethal Launchers. Custom designed nylon holsters are also available. To the best of our knowledge, the new Lamperd 37mm and 40mm Double Action Hand-Held Launchers are the only ones of their kind available on the market, anywhere in the world.

Double Action Advantages

The advantages of Double Action are that there is no hammer to cock, only the trigger to pull. This type is faster loading and easier to control which can make all the difference in a crisis situation when seconds count. Another significant advantage of the Double Action Less Lethal Launcher is long effective range of at least 75 feet. Like previous Lamperd Launchers, the new models can also employ 12 gauge adapters to increase versatility and allow a wide range of ammunition options for both tactical and training purposes.

The demonstration videos presented here show how Lamperd Double Action Hand-Held Launchers can provide a rapid, accurate and long range options for riot and crowd control.


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