Features Special Handles Designed to Prevent Broken Ribs and Other Officer Injuries
Lamperd Less Lethal has developed and is manufacturing a Round Riot Shield to protect officers in close quarters with violent individuals. This shield is made of strong, clear polycarbonate to allow clear vision and is equipped with padded handles. Especially important is the arm handle which will flexibly move in and out in response to pressure to help prevent broken ribs as can happen with other rigid handle shields.
The Lamperd Round Riot Shield has a diameter of 22.5 inch (57.2mm). Total weight is only 3.2 lbs (1.45 kg) and this shield can be employed using only one arm. Thickness throughout the Round Riot Shield is .12 inch (3mm).
This product meets or exceeds British Standards 7971-3:2002 for fire and heat resistance. Also meets or exceeds US NIJ Standard.
Lamperd Less Lethal also offers other shield types which can be seen on the company website at www.lamperdlesslethal.com. All manufacturing is done at the Lamperd Less Lethal plant in Ontario, Canada.

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